With its unabashed lengthy wheelbase and outstanding vintage style, this 1962 Lincoln Continental would be a fitting time capsule entry for a time when John Glenn was orbiting the earth and Marilyn Monroe was singing an iconic "Happy Birthday" to the President. Its heavy duty construction represented a high point for Detroit, and every representative of its model getting a thorough once over - down to the cigarette lighter - before being released to the public, so it's no surprise this '62 greets the present looking straight and true.

It came along at a time when the land yacht was truly revered and its long form is so luxurious that it's no surprise it was a natural fit as an upper-crust limousine of the era. There's length in abundance everywhere you look - the front end and king size trunk area bracket one seriously roomy cabin, and the one of a kind suicide doors on the sides seem to beckon you to come take your place inside a living room on wheels. This Lincoln's black shade is a perfect fit for that iconic form, replacing the original Desert Frost and upping its curb appeal considerably. It'll take you a minute to take a lap around, but when you do you'll see its array of trim still cuts a nice appearance, the unmistakable front grille and rear panel sit level and securely in place and the front and rear bumpers are downright awesome. Lincoln's exacting production standards really paid off all these decades later, as this '62 looks to be in very nice alignment from front to back.

The beige leather interior all remains in its original condition and will need a refurbishment to bring it to top form, but what a framework you'll be starting with! The bench seats in front and back feature sofa-like dimensions, as well as a very cool tuck and roll pattern on their surfaces. While signs of wear are evident inside, there are no gaping holes or protruding springs anywhere and you could easily get behind the wheel and hit the road with everything as is. On the other hand, a visit to a capable auto upholsterer and some well-placed attention on the dash area will no doubt transform this vintage interior into a true sight to behold. From all appearances, the gauges in the cluster are functional and the generously proportioned vents sitting front and center are your indication that factory air conditioning is in place - the compressor recently received attention, the plumbing is all intact and just a couple of finishing touches will have it back online. The trunk area is charmingly cavernous - there'll be no shortage of luggage space for road trips.

This is one strong running classic and when you fire up the 430 cubic inch V8 that sits underneath the hood with a pair of 4-barrel carbs on top to feed it, you'll hear a deep, muscle car rumble that will bring a smile to your face. The big block teams up with a 3-speed automatic transmission in equally solid shape. For a car more than a half-century old and in original condition, its engine compartment is in surprisingly good order, with a number of the components it began life with still sitting in place. It's road-readiness is impressive - both its power steering and power brakes are in good working order. A peek underneath will provide even more reassurance - the undercarriage looks really good, with solid-looking floorpans, exhaust and suspension components that will serve it well as it cruises on its set of stock Lincoln wheels outfitted with white wall tires.

If you're seeking vintage '60s cool on wheels, this 1962 Lincoln Continental has it. Call today!


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