1976 Porsche

911 R H/R Backdate

3.0 L
Sienna Metallic

911R/HotRod Backdate

New in the last 5,000 miles: Tires, Shocks, Brake Pads, Brake Rotors, Master Cylinder, Rebuilt Alternator, Cap, Rotor and Plugs

The car was built about 4 years ago, with the idea of building a street car that was very lightweight, unique looking and fun to drive. The car gets quite a bit of attention wherever it goes. It is very reliable car, Don't hesitate to jump in it and drive it pretty much anywhere. It starts every time, runs like a top, shifts great and does everything properly, it will put a smile on your face every time you get behind the wheel.  There is always RS Clones around, go for something that is different.

The previous owner was diligent with the maintenance, changing the oil often with high quality, high zinc oil and addressing anything that appeared to need attention.

It started as 1976 911S. There are a couple of reasons the builder selected this year to build his car. It was the first year of the galvanized body and the last year with no center vent in the dash. Proper bright work and venting rear windows also topped the list. These cars were lighter than the later cars. The final reason, he didn't want to mod an earlier car, there was no reason to start with a pre '74.

The fenders, bumpers, and hood are fiberglass with the specially built fenders without light boxes or gas filler hole. The front turn signals are incorporated into the bottom of the headlights, and the gas fill is located under the bonnet.  The interior features a Momo steering wheel, parcel shelf, and custom built seats that were crafted from vintage Recaro's. Flat door panels and leather pulls to open the doors complete the interior. The motor has CIS injection that was tuned by Rothsport. The exhaust is SSI's and a Sport Muffler. The car sounds amazing and is not too loud. A Carrera oil cooler was added in the front right corner to keep engine oil temps in check. The underside is dry.  Stiffer torsion bars and Bilstiens upgraded the suspension along with quick change spring plates in the rear. The car was corner balanced by Rothsport and handles very well.  The wheels are Minilite replicas and are 16" x 7"s with performance BF Goodrich tires.  The car was originally Sienna Metallic. To bring it back to this original color, it was repainted. However, it came out a couple of shades lighter.  Longer Wheel Studs have are on order and are set to be installed soon.

"I had some great memories, multiple Monty Shelton Rallies and even a road trip from Rennsport in Monterey to Austin. The car has never let me down and is hands down the favorite car I've owned to date" (Previous Owner).

*NOTE: The miles shown on this car are believed to be accurate, yet we do not have sufficient documentation to prove such explicitly, thus this car will be sold TMU (True Miles Unknown).

Feel free to call or text any questions 256.702.5185


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3.0 L
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Body Color
Sienna Metallic
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