PENDING: 1973 Porsche 914-6

This is one of the finest 914-6 conversions. Built from a one owner 1973 chassis taken to the body shell, and built from scratch to create the ultimate 914. It started with welding in a 914 GT chassis stiffening kit and predrilling the oil cooler, air conditioning condenser, air conditioning compressor, and oil tank holes. Then welded in the dual club sport mount to handle the power of the 32,000 original mile 1992 964 3.6. Then was refinished the complete car in two stage original phoenix red color and replaced every rubber seal and interior piece with the best available parts. The 3.6 was detailed with factory fit 914-6 custom made sheet metal, MSDS tuned headers, and stock 914-6 new Dansk muffler. Palo Alto speedometer built a custom factory match tach, and a beautifully incorporated the Motronic 3.6 wiring harness into the 914 original factory one. The rebuilt transaxle features the so called “beefy” intermediate plate and is connected to rebuilt CV axles, tapped rear hubs, Bilstein shocks, factory 914-6 rear springs, and 914-6 rear rotors. The front end is all late model 911 with low slung front sway bar, turbo tie rods, Bilstein shocks/struts and reproduction Mahle type “gas burner” wheels with Michelin tires. For the most part, everything is new or rebuilt on this example, and has only recently been completed so there are virtually only test miles put on this 914-6. The air conditioning system is a new one custom built for this car, perfectly cold with r 134a and using dual fans to cool both the condenser and the front mounted oil cooler. Custom fabrication here includes the beautiful metal housing, and a custom fabricated GT front chrome bumper. Built at an award winning 914 shop very familiar with all aspects of these cars and how to get them just like the factory would have done it back then. With over 100 thousand spent on this conversion, you will not be disappointed.

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