1965 Pontiac GTO, 389 Tri-Power, 4 speed, tinted glass, rear defroster

"Little G.T.O. you're really lookin' fine,Three deuces and a four-speed and a 389, Listen to her tachin' up now, listen to her why-ee-eye-ine, C'mon and turn it on, wind it up, blow it out G.T.O." that is of coarse the famous lines sang by Ronnie & The Daytonas about the famous GTO. Just Toys Classic Cars is proud to present this absolutely stunning 1965 Pontiac GTO done in a beautiful Fontaine Blue that looks so good it looks like it was just painted yesterday. As a lot of the cars in our inventory, the fit and finish on this car is just beautiful. The red pin stripe ads a great accent to the blue as well. this is just one beautiful car from any angle that you look at it.

So now that we have the song stuck in your head and have you trying not to drool all over the paint, open up that hood and look at the powerful 389, tri power, 360 HP 4 speed. It is extremely clean under this hood and as you will see in the pics it is the WS code motor, power steering, and power disc brakes up front as well. This is where your second drool bib should be coming in to place. This is the motor that was mopping up the Saturday night stop light strip. This car not only had 360 HP, but it had 424 lb ft of torque. That is the stuff that puts your butt in the back of the seat and that ear to ear grin on your face. As you will see in the trim tag, this car is the real deal. So are you ready to close the hood and jump in to the driver seat yet?

We thought you might be. Listen to how solid this car is when you hear that door close behind you. No you know you are in a Pontiac when you feel how comfortable the interior is in this car. This car was even born with a rear defroster. Now for all of you young ones out there that don't see the "lines in the back window" what you see on the back deck is not a speaker. Turn that on and it blows warm air on the back window to defrost your window. As you look around, you will just see how clean everything was redone on this car. There is no way that you could buy this car and redo it to this standard for this kind of money. So now you reach your left hand out and grab that key and you bring this baby to life. Yes, that ear to ear grin is already on your face and you haven't even taken your foot off the clutch yet. The FlowMaster exhaust sounds absolutely awesome coming out of the back of this car.

All that is left is putting this sweet goat in first and step off that clutch and leave whatever is behind you in the dust and get ready to have the drive of your life. Now that you have gone through all 4 gears, you still find that ear to ear grin on your face and you are giving all the thumbs up that you can.

We offer classic car financing for those that would like to take advantage of the option. They offer great rates and terms and allow you to pay your baby off when you want to without any prepayment penalties. This way you can get the baby of your dreams and not have to take all of the cash out of the bank at one time. We look forward to speaking with you soon, and making you the newest member of the Just Toys Classic Cars family.


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