Just Toys Classic Cars is EXTREMELY proud to present one of the coolest vehicles that we have had in here to date. Yes, this is a monster truck, mud truck, call it whatever you want, we just call it a BAD ASS TRUCK!!!!!! Being from St. Louis, Mo originally, we are HUGE fans of Bigfoot and all of his trucks located in Hazelwood, Mo. I grew up watch Bob Chandler and that big blue truck do amazing things that really nobody had ever seen before. If it wasn't for Bob Chandler, we would not have the monster truck craze that we have today with the Monster Jam series, as well as other series similar to it literally all over the world. So that is just one of the reasons that we think this truck is so cool. Thanks Bigfoot for making all of this happen.

This thing has been built from the ground up, and you couldn't build this truck for what we are asking for it. So, let's get to all of the details shall we.

First things first, you see the awesomeness of this truck by looking at the ride height, and tires and the cool paint scheme of this truck. This truck is built to the hilt with a Dana 60 front end with lockers and 5.13 gears, and the rear is a 14 bolt Full Floater also with 5.13 gears. Everything is brand new on the front and rear end. As you will see in the pics, this truck doesn't even have hardly any miles on it. It is sitting on 44 inch TSL Bogger Super Swampers. The truck has 4 wheel disc brakes so you can bring this beast to a stop. Everything is just built right on this truck and you just have to see it to believe it. The bed has been rhino lined for cool looks and protection. As you will see in the pics on top and underneath, there is not any rust in the bed of this truck.

The interior is very clean as well. The floor of the truck has been rhino lined the same color as the bed. Obviously, it helps to keep rust from forming and it makes it very easy to spray out the floor on those extremely muddy days when you take this out to have some fun. All of the gauges are autometer for an easy display to view everything that is going on with your truck.

Now, for the business end of things under the hood. This isn't some 350 under the hood that would barely move these monster tires. This is a 427 that has been stroked out to a 433 cubic inch monster. The bottom end has been balanced with forged Venolia pistons, and a Comp Cam 234/244 duration with a .564/.570 lift makes everything go thump thump. The motor is 10:1 compression with a Victor Jr. intake, MSD 6AL Box, as well as an MSD distributor. All the fuel goes through a Biggs Holley 750 double pumper as well. The cool thing about this truck is that unlike most big blocks, you can let this one sit and it will just idle all day and never get over 180 degrees.

This is just one BAD ASS truck to look at, and to drive. When you climb up in, your ego instantly goes through the roof. You feel like you are the king of the world and you just want to tackle anything. In this truck, YOU CAN!!! Just picture yourself climbing up and taking this monster to your local mud hole and see what kind of attention you get. The answer is A LOT.

We look forward to speaking with you soon. We have classic car financing available for those that would like t o take advantage of that option. We look forward to making you the newest member of the Just Toys Classic Cars family.


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