Just Toys Classic Cars is VERY proud to offer this rare 1944 M20 BSA Military Motorcycle. This is a very unique piece that was issued to every branch of military from the Army to the Navy, and even the R.A.F. (Royal Air Force) rode these motorcycles. As you look through the pictures that we have taken, this bike is 100% put together and all there. The current owner has owned this bike for over 30 years and went through all of it to make sure that it was running in tip top shape. You are going to see all of the serial numbers that we could find on this bike to show it authenticity as well. This is truly a unique motorcycle that anyone would be proud to have in their collection. Please read full history on this bike below as well. Thank you for your time and we look forward to making you the newest member of the Just Toys Classic Cars family. PLEASE.......Before making an offer on any of our vehicles, please speak with or get permission from the dog, the wife, your spiritual adviser, your financial adviser ( maybe the wife again), anyone you need to first. This is what we do for a living and our goal is to establish a long lasting business relationship with all of our clients. That being said, we would appreciate no strokers, no jokers, or midnight tokers. ; )
Viewed as a near failure in the eyes of the War Office in 1936, this model was ultimately to evolve into perhaps the most illustrious and longest serving model in the history of British military motorcycling, not to mention becoming the most numerous type produced for the War Office itself.
The vast majority of BSA M20 models delivered were employed by the War Department (Army), although smaller quantities were also used by both the Admiralty (Navy) and the Air Ministry (RAF). It is interesting to note that the Air Ministry used quantities of the model fitted with a Swallow-manufactured sidecar, and that a great number of the smaller M20 model contracts throughout the Second World War specified sidecar-lugs for the frame, generally removed from all the larger contracts, which were specifically solo only.
Although intended as a general-purpose motorcycle for convoy escort and long-distance communications duties, due to the sheer number supplied the model was employed ultimately in every theatre of war and for virtually every purpose imaginable, whether suitable or not. It is perhaps for this reason that the model is the one best remembered by and familiar to most ex-servicemen and other individuals when military motorcycles are mentioned. The post-war service of the BSA M20 model further increases its renown, the type being retained in service as the standard War Department motorcycle throughout the national service period of the 1950s and onwards in limited numbers until the end of the next decade, this despite the fact that it was never totally suitable, and was most probably retained only because of the huge quantities of machines and parts available following the end of the war.
During the course of the Second World War and throughout the post-war period, virtually all M2Os were rebuilt by the military at least once, if not several times. Engines were changed around under service-exchange schemes and rebuilt models were constructed from stocks of parts assembled from all years and contracts. In certain instances, the military authorities would fit a brand-new frame or engine-unit to a rebuilt machine and not stamp the item fitted with a number, further complicating dating such a machine today.
[Source: British Forces Motorcycles]


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