1969 Oldsmobile

Cutlass Hurst/Olds

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Real Hurst Olds!

Changing lanes from its prototype in 68', the 1969 Hurst Olds was dressed in Cameo white paint, and Hurst Fire Frost gold stripes and panels, a far cry from the silver and black that it originated from. A new year brought new features to the Hurst Olds, taking the air scoops from under the car and transforming them into two massive scoops on the hood, along with a functional rear wing. With the 455c.i. 380Hp engine, the 69' H/O was a 13 second car off the showroom carpet. Retaining the original engine and trans, it's safe to say you could still hit that 13 second mark. One thing that the H/O had that competitors didn't? Options. With almost every option the standard 442 offered available for installation, you could build your hot rod as comfortable as you'd like. Our H/O has 70,000 miles, yet still remains in great condition. There were 10 production years out of the 21 from 1968-1988, and in the given time only 13,000 cars were built. If 1 of 13,000 isn't rare enough for you, how's 1 of 906? Don't waste any time grabbing one of the most iconic cars, combining luxury and performance! (330)-482-5960.


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