Just Toys Classic Cars is proud to present some mid 70's muscle. Before you is a 1974 Dodge Challenger. Sure, it was the fabulous 70's. Gas lines, Nixon resigns and pardoned by President Ford, we had the rumble in the jungle, the 55 MPH speed limit was imposed to "save gas" nationwide (is any particular song from 1984 coming to mind? Hmmm), and don't forget very tight fitting bell bottom jeans (thank god those are gone), and even with all of that you still had a battle between the big three. If you didn't drive Mustangs, or Camaro's, then that means you must have been a Mopar nut.

Now, this particular 1974 Dodge Challenger that we have here in no way was going to be winning any drag races of the day, but it was still a cool V8 in a Mopar. If you take a look at the cool lines of this car and the orange paint, it is an attention monger for sure. The lines of this car make it look fast just sitting still. Horse power may have been in the toilet for the most part by 1974, but this car still looked cool going down the road.

open the door on this car and you are going to see a typical Dodge interior. Pretty ordinary, black dash, black carpet, and cloth/vinyl you guessed it, black seats. Dodge was never flashy with it's interiors on their muscle cars. It just had to be clean and functional, and that is what this car has. The interior shows some patina, but you will not find any rips or tears in the seats, carpet, or headliner.

Under the hood sits the Dodge 318 that at the time was putting out a whopping 150 HP with a 2 barrel carb. Not setting the world on fire by any means, but for what was going on during this time at the end of the horse power war as we knew it, everything was down on horsepower, but hey, you got "fuel economy". The motor in this car runs very well. She starts right up on the first shot. This is matted to a stock automatic transmission and going out to the stock rear end. Aftermarket mufflers have been added to give this car a little more bark when it is sitting at the stoplight. There is stock factory A/C as well. It could use a shot of freeze 12 and it will blow plenty cold. There is plenty of stopping power with power disc brakes up front, and you still had drums in the rear. Turning was no effort at all with power steering on this car.

This is just a fun car that has as we say "good bones". Make this thing your next resto mod project. Drop a 440 in it or just go all out and put a hotchkis suspension, a fuel injected hemi, and a 6 speed, and lay rubber till your heart is content. Regardless, this is a clean car at a great price, and it deserves to be in your garage today.

We offer classic car financing for anyone that would want to take advantage of the option. We look forward to speaking with you soon, and we look forward to making you the newest member of the Just Toys Classic Cars family.


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