2012 Custom


6 Speed Manual Revtech
100 Cu In El Bruto

Just Toys Classic Cars presents one BAD ASS SKULLED UP MACHINE!!!!!! Before you ladies and gentleman is an EXTREMELY customized chopper. It is hard to find a place to begin on where to describe this animal because everywhere you turn, you find something that you didn't see before.

Let's start with the paint shall we. What you are looking at is the custom paint jobs of custom paint jobs. This is a five piece Bio Mechanical Skeletal piece of art. Every time you look at this paint you see something that you didn't see before. Right on the top you are going to see the face and the skulls, but look "deeper" in with in the paint to see other screaming skulls and all sorts of things and that is just on the custom gas tank. This theme carries through out the entire bike. It could take you an hour to look over this whole bike and you will probably still miss things that someone will point out to you.

The frame on this work of art is a Donny Smith XTS soft tail, with a spring front end from American Suspension. This baby will ride anywhere on the open road that you want in comfort with it's adjustable air ride suspension as well.

Let's get to all of the things that this bike has. There are SOOOOOOOOOOO many things that this bike has that we are going to mention a few here, but you just have to come and see this baby and let it sell itself. Just a few things to mention here are the custom skull head light and tail light that you just really can't find anywhere else. Chrome drag bars, 21" carriage works billet wheels front and rear. Not to mention all of the parts that are brass dipped and fermented.

Again, there is just WAAAAAAAAAAAY to much stuff to list on this work of art. How could you call it anything else other than one Bad Ass Machine!!!!!! Take this to Daytona Bike Week Next Year and get all the attention that you can handle and then take it to FTS in Sturgis in the summer. This bike will get you all of the attention, (and maybe other things) that you can handle. Give us a call today and then come on by and see this wonder for yourself. There is a lot more invested in this bike than we are asking. You couldn't begin to build this bike for this kind of money. We do have financing available for those that need it. So, there is ABSOLUTELY no reason that you should say no to this bike. We look forward to speaking with you soon and making you the newest member of the Just Toys Classic Cars family.


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100 Cu In El Bruto
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