1966 Chiang Jiang


Manual 4-Speed
750 CC
Desert Tan

Just Toys Classic Cars if proud to present one of the coolest motorcycles that you are going to see and ride in a long time. What you are looking at is a Chang Jiang CJ750. This bike has a clear Florida title so you will not have any problem putting the title in your name. This particular model is a 1966 tribute model of a WWII motorcycle. Here is a little brief history on these bikes.

Following WWI, Germany was banned from producing military vehicles. As Hitler behind the scenes readied the German military forces, he commissioned BMW to produce a heavy "touring" motorcycle. He asked for ones with side cars and solo models as well. This became the fires opposed cylinder BMW "heavy bike" used by the Germans in WWII. It was a 750 CC, twin carb, shaft drive bike. This would have been a very advanced bike for the time. This has 4 forward gears, and a reverse gear as well.

When Germany was eventually overrun the Soviets captured the BMW bike plant and took everything back to Russia where they reverse engineered the bike and produced the Ural Russian military bike. After the war, BMW went back to producing and designing an overhead valve motor, the soviets never engineered that motor as well and sold the plans for the original flat head designed motorbike to China. So, from 1957-89, the People's Liberation Army produced 1.6 Million exact copies of the original 1938 R71 German BMW Motorcycle.

This 1966 titled Chinese CJ750 "Tribute" desert military Chinese side car bike has been restored to a 12 volt electric start status. Everything else is pretty much an exact reproduction of the original BMW design.

These bikes were used as movie props being far less expensive to destroy than the original WWII BMW versions. This bike was totally restored and retrofitted in China and shipped to the states together, added oil and fuel and drove it off the crate. This is just one cool bike that you have to own. Whether you are a reenactments, or you just like cool looking military bikes. This is one that has to be in your collection. There is an open trailer that is included in the price of this so if you want to trailer it to a show and ride it from there you can. We do have classic car financing available for those that would like to take advantage of it. We look forward to speaking with you soon, and we look forward to making you the newest member of the Just Toys Classic Cars family.


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750 CC
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Desert Tan
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Chiang Jiang


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