1960 Jaguar

XK150 S Drophead Coupe


Jaguar 1960 XK150S 3.4-Litre Roadster

CLICK ON LINK TO HEAR THE ENGINE RUN:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkUSU7ghVCA
The last of the “XK” series Jaguars arrived in 1957.   The XK150 was the final development of the Xk120 and XK140, and this car retained the same basic chassis, 3.4-litre engine and four-speed Moss transmission of its predecessors. It differed by virtue of a wider body that provided increased interior space and improved visibility courtesy of a single-piece wrap-around windscreen, replacing the XK140's divided screen. Cleverly, this new body used many XK120/140 pressings, the increased width being achieved by means of a 4"-wide central fillet. A higher front wing line and broader radiator grille were other obvious differences but the new model's main talking point was its Dunlop disc brakes. Fade following repeated stops from high speed had been a problem of the earlier, drum-braked cars, but now the XK had stopping power to match its prodigious straight-line speed. 
Introduced in the spring of 1957, the XK150 was available at first only in fixed and drophead coupé forms, the open roadster version not appearing until the following year. At 190bhp, the engine's maximum power output was identical to that of the XK140, so performance was little changed. 'Special Equipment' and 'S' versions came with 210 and 250bhp respectively, the latter delivering an astonishing 0-60mph time of 7.3 seconds and a top speed of 136mph. This was achieved by the introduction of the Weslake-developed 'straight-port' cylinder head, high-compression pistons, triple 2" SU carburetors and twin electric fuel pumps. Overdrive and a Borg-Warner automatic gearbox were the transmission options, the latter becoming an increasingly popular choice, while a Thornton Power-Lok limited-slip differential was available for the XK150S. Steel wheels remained the standard fitting, though XK150s so equipped are a great rarity, as most were sold in SE (Special Equipment) specification with center-lock wire wheels. The much-admired chromed Jaguar mascot was made available as an optional extra on an XK for the first time. 
The car we offer is one of fewer than 200 XK150s of all types to leave the factory fitted with a very desirable close-ratio overdrive gear box, although intended for racing, made an appreciable difference to the car's on-the-road performance. 
There can be very few XK150S 'barn finds' left to discover, making this example especially desirable and all the more so by virtue of its rare close-ratio overdrive gearbox.   This car is original and unrestored and still retains the black California plate.  The engine is not the original but that from an early E-Type.  The engine runs strong despite having been in storage for many years.   The car has the original 150s 3.4 intake manifold, air cleaner assembly and factory overdrive.  The current head number is R2173-9 (3.8 litre).  We know where a restored XK150S 3.4 L head and block may be obtained at an additional cost .  The rust shown in the photos is 90% surface rust and there is no place the rust has went through.  The car has been with its last owner since 1981 and has been sitting for most of that time.  It is missing some tools, two chrome windshield surrounds and one arm rest.  This is the perfect project car!               


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