1969 Chevrolet

Corvette Stingray

Automatic 3-Speed
Riverside Gold

Just Toys Classic Cars is very proud to present one of the best looking 1969 Chevrolet Corvette Convertibles on the market today. This car is way under the money for what we are asking for it, and that is verified by the NADA numbers listed below.

Original Low Average High
MSRP Retail Retail Retail
Base Price $4,438 $25,900 $47,100 $65,700
Options: (change)
427/390 HP V8 Engine 20% 20% 20%
Corvette Both Tops $500 $900 $1,200
TOTAL PRICE: $4,438 $31,580 $57,420 $80,040

This car was originally purchased at an auction by Richard Rawlings at Gas Monkey Garage. Our current owner purchased it from them. When he got the car he was not happy with the condition of the original paint so, he asked us to get it painted and make the car look the way that it should, and boy are you going to be impressed with this.

The body on this car looks the way that it should. The original Riverside Gold color now gleams with pride. The lines on the 69 Corvette are just timeless and it just draws you in to look over every inch of it. The gill inserts just pop off of the fenders as well. The bright work shines just like it should. This IS the car that you need to have in your collection today. The fact that this one has both tops makes it even more valuable. You would pay 2000 for a hard top and still have to restore it. This one is the original from the factory.

The interior of this car is as nice as the outside is. Crank the AM/FM radio, hit the power windows, set your tilt wheel to where you want it and get ready to hit that key. They only thing you have to do is either take the hard top off or put the soft top down and this car is ready to cruise. Now, if you were paying attention to the top of this ad, then you will see that you can do a little bit more than cruise in this car.

Under the hood sits the original, numbers matching, rebuilt 427/390 HP motor, and she purrs like a kitten. That is just a step down from the mamma jamma motor, the 435 hp motor. This beast is matted to a 3 speed automatic transmission that is the original, and is rebuilt as well. We have said it before and we are going to say it again, this is THE corvette that you need to have in your collection. This car doesn't leak or smoke. It is exactly the vette that you have been looking for. Maybe your knees don't quite work they way that they used to. We know that ours don't, but you still want a big block vette to relive the old days. Then this has to be your car. The car is believed to have 52,000 miles with 5,000 on the rebuilt original motor.

We have documentation to go with this car as well. You will have no worries with this one. Fresh paint, rebuilt motor, rebuilt trans. You get in, turn the key and drive. Get one done, instead of putting more money in to it than it's worth and loose out.

We thank you for taking a look at this beautiful Corvette today. We offer classic car financing for those that are interested in that option. We look for speaking to you soon, and we look forward to making you the newest member of the Just Toys Classic Cars Family.


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Riverside Gold
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Corvette Stingray


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