1964 Chevrolet

Corvette Stingray

Manual 4-Speed
Daytona Blue

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Just Toys Classic Cars is very proud to present this beautiful 1964 Chevrolet Corvette. This is just one of those timeless body styles on a Corvette that just wants to make you stand up and pay attention. This was an interesting time in history. Vietnam was escalating, the civil rights act was signed, the beatles made their way across the pond, and other soon to be iconic groups like the Stones, and on this side of the pond The Supremes, and Bob Dylan were kicking ass and taking names on the charts, and last but not lease, America, and the world still had a love affair with the Chevrolet Corvette.

Just one year removed from the iconic split window, Chevrolet went back to a solid piece of glass for 1964. Various engines were still available for 1964 as well. This is just one of those body styles that just draws you in and when you look at this particular 1964 Chevrolet Corvette you will understand why. The Daytona Blue paint on this car is just screaming for you to get out your polishing rag and start wiping her down. This is about a 5 year old paint job, it shows a couple flaws but for the age shows very well.

Now, open the door and slide yourself in to a very well done interior. There are no rips or tears in the interior anywhere. There has been a semi modern radio that was installed in the car, but it would be very easy to turn that back to a period correct looking modern radio with everything that is available today. Just pick a catalog of vette stuff and order yourself one. This is just one clean interior that will not disappoint at all.

Now for the fun stuff. Under the hood has been a heart transplant. The 327 that came with this car when it was born in St. Louis, Mo was the 250 HP variety. Now between the fenders resides a 327/250 HP motor out of a 67. This was a more superior motor and when you fire this baby up you will understand what we are talking about. You should get a pretty good idea once you listen to the youtube video. This motor is matted to the original 4 speed m 21 transmission and going out to the original rear end. This car has all of the go that you would be looking for with plenty of good sound when you step on the loud pedal.

When you look at the undercarriage pics you are going to see driver quality. No, you are not eating your dinner off of it. You could make it that way if you wanted to, but if you are looking for a good driver than this car is for you. This particular car has drum brakes all the way around. They are manual brakes, and it is manual steering, but remember folks, these cars didn't hardly weigh anything so once you get it going in stops and turns like anything else, but don't expect it to turn like your new Cadillac.

This car just screams cool, fun, iconic, but most of all, affordable. Is this a 100k car that you are going to see roll across the chassis cam at Barrett-Jackson, NO, but is sure could be pretty darn close. All this car needs is just a little TLC and you can easily double your money on this car. Corvettes are some of the best blue chip collectibles out there. They may fluctuate a little bit but over time they go up more than they go down.

We thank you for taking the time to look at this beautiful car. We offer classic car financing for anyone that would like to take advantage of that option. We look forward to speaking with you soon, and making you the newest member of the Just Toys Classic Cars family.


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Corvette Stingray


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