Just Toys Classic Cars is proud to bring you this beautiful and fun to drive 1978 Austin Mini Cooper. These were fun cars to drive back then and they still are today. There is a cult following for this car that blows most people's minds. That is why when BMW came back out with the car it was so wildly successful. This car looks good from 20 feet or 2 feet. The red and white paint look beautiful and the numbers on the side make you want to go run Sebring or Watkins Glen. Now that you have taken a very short walk around the outside of the car| reach in and pop the hood to find what make these cars practically a legal go cart to drive. Under the hood of this little pocket rocket sits the 1275 CC engine that runs like a top. Now you might only get about 100 HP out of this motor| but you have to remember that the car only weights 1488 pounds before you get in it. That's what makes these cars so much fun to drive| and this one just purrs like a kitten. The motor is mated to a 4 speed manual transmission and the clutch is right and tight. There may not be a lot of cubic inches| or 600 fire breathing horse power| but the fun factor for these cars is off the charts. Now| you see yourself getting pretty excited to get behind the wheel of this cool little car. The one thing that will really surprise you is how much room is really inside of one of these cars. I have personally seen 7 people get in one of these before. Personally I'm 6'4 and about 260 and I fit in it just fine. So you get in| give the gas a couple pumps| and hit that key. You instantly go back to the days when you were at the go cart track and you just couldn't wait for them to throw the green. You slide your left foot off that clutch and you are off to the races. You just can't wait for that first good turn to present itself. These cars handle like they are on rails and really are just a blast to drive. If you don't have one of these in your collection| you need one| and if you used to own one| here is your opportunity to own one again. Remember| we do offer classic car financing for those that would like to take advantage of the option. It give you the ability to get the car you always wanted with the rates and terms that make it affordable| and pay it off when you want to. We look forward to speaking with you soon| and we look forward to making you the newest member of the Just Toys Classic Cars family. 1978 Austin Mini Cooper 1275 CC Inline 4 Cyl 4 Speed manual transmission New Red & White paint New tires & Wheels Very Clean Car


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