2008 Bugatti

Veyron 16.4

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LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!!!!!! EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!!!! FOR EVERYONE THAT HAS BEEN ASKING WHY THIS CAR IS SO CHEAP| IT'S BECAUSE IT'S A KIT CAR!!!!!! PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY. IF THIS WAS A REAL PRE OWNED VERON IT WOULD BE 1|900|000!!!!!! Thank You| Just Toys Classic Cars Management Just Toys Classic Cars is proud to present one of the coolest kit cars on the market today. Before you is a 2008 Bugatti Veyron Kit car. This has been one of the coolest and most desirable cars since the first day they hit the road. Just one problem| not everyone has the 1.8 to 2.8 Million dollars to own and drive and maintain one. This one gives you all the cool looks that you can handle for a small fraction of the cost. This is a custom fiberglass body that actually sits on a 01 Mercury Cougar Chassis. You could literally take this car to your local mechanic and get it worked on with now problem. From any angle this car looks just like a Bugatti. Be prepared to turn heads wherever you go in this baby. Under the hood| and yes I said hood| remember this is a kit car sits a 3.0 Duratec motor that actually came out of a Mercury Sable. Those motors had a more power than what came out of the Cougar's. It has an SVO intake on it| and a custom exhaust for the car that just sounds unbelievable when you start the car. It doesn't sound like your grandmas Sable. You hear this car coming down the road. The interior of this beauty flows right along with the exterior of the car. You slide in to this extremely comfortable leather interior and you feel like your bank account just quadrupled in size. You can set the ICE COLD A/C to your perfect setting| adjust the radio to your favorite tunes and put this baby in drive and get ready for a lot of thumbs up and attention. This car has power mirrors| power windows| and even the rear wing powers up and down to give you that perfect Bugatti look. This is just one awesome car for a fraction of the cost of a real Veyron. You need to have it in your collection today. We offer classic car financing for anyone that wants to take advantage of the option. It gives you all the ways to own the car of your dreams| with great rates and terms| and pay it off when you want to so you don't have to take all the money out of the bank at once. We look forward to speaking with you soon| and we look forward to making you the newest member of the Just Toys Classic Cars family. Vehicle Specifications: 2008 Bugatti Veyron Kit Car 3.0 Mercury Sable Duratec V6 w/SVO Intake Automatic Transmission Disc Brakes Custom Exhaust Custom Wheels Pirelli All Season Front Tires 235x35x20 Pirelli P Zero Rear Tires 335x30x20 AM/FM/CD A/C


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Veyron 16.4


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