2000 Confederate


Combat Gray

Not for the faint of heart!

Precision and power wrapped up in one hand-crafted, American made package that any motorcycle or automobile enthusiast would be proud to own. Sitting on this bike elicits a feeling of freedom, of power, and of pure exhilaration.

This 2000 Confederado is Americana at its purest. This bike is one of less than 100 models made in 2000 and is currently sitting at a shockingly low 1225 miles. All cutting, bending, machining, fabrication and assembly was completed, by hand, in Louisiana making this bike a true example of American craftsmanship.

As you glance through the photos of this incredible bike, you will immediately notice that this is not your ordinary average bike. This one is special. All components are top shelf quality, from Paioli, Works, ISR and Marchesini.

The bike differs from average Confederate models in that the black Paioli forks have been selectively changed to the polished Paioli forks, all of which are custom built for this model and are beautifully engraved with the Confederate logo. The intriguing and deeply engaging smoke gray color also has special multi-coated metallics and is guaranteed to turn heads as this bike rumbles down any road.

This particular model also has an upgraded fuel cell that is crafted from a carbon fiber composite, which makes for an incredibly unique and elegant curvature. Details that give this Confederado a serious appeal both for the rider and all those who happen to be lucky enough to see this bike in action.

This model stands alone among the Confederate line of motorcycles. Owning this bike reflects the principle of individuality and power. Simply put, this bike defines….Art & Speed.


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