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1989 Chevrolet


1989 Chevrolet


The Chevrolet Corvette (C4) was a sports car produced by the Chevrolet division of General Motors for the 1984 through 1996 model years. The editors of Consumer Guide stated: "The first fully redesigned Corvette in 15 years was more sophisticated and more practical than the beloved Shark.”
The 1989 Chevrolet Corvette was the last of the decade. It had minor changes including the introduction of the six-speed manual transmission. The new transmission sensed the position of the throttle and only allowed shifts from first to second if the throttle was high. If the throttle was minimal it would block second gear and only allow a shift to fourth. This was one of the ways that were used to get fuel economy higher.
The standard wheel and tire this year was the P275/40ZR17 tire and 17" wheel setup that had been part of the Z51 and Z52 packages in 1988. The Z52 option was no longer available.
A new "Selective Ride and Handling System" (RPO FX3) was only available with the manual transmissions and cars equipped with the RPO Z51 "Performance Handling" package. The SRC system offered three modes of driving: Tour, Sport and Performance.
The low tire warning system that had been slated for 1987 was redesigned and was finally available as RPO UJ6 after being redesigned. A new simpler folding top for the convertibles was introduced as well as newly designed seats.
A fiberglass auxiliary top was available for the convertible for the first time since 1975. The sport seats were only available in cars optioned with Z51 because of weight and fuel economy concerns.
84 Corvette ZR-1 "King of the Hill" cars were built for evaluation and media preview although the car was delayed until the 1990 model year. Planning was also started this year on the new "C5" which was intended to be a 1993 model. Budgetary and GM executive decisions delayed the introduction of the C5 until 1998.
Nineteen eighty-nine would be the last year for the SCCA's Corvette Challenge, and Chevy would build 60 cars for the series. Thirty of them would have their stock engines swapped with higher-output motors from the CPC engine plant in Flint, Michigan.
Sales for 1989 would rise for the first time in years, now totaling 26,412, of which nearly 10,000 were convertibles.

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Performance Specs

Available Engines
350 cu in

350 cu in


240/245 hp @ 4000rpm

350 lb-ft @ 3200

  • 4-Speed Automatic
  • 6-Speed Manual
0 to 60 MPH
Quarter Mile

350 cu in 245hp


13.8 @ 106 mph


Paint & Color

Exterior Colors

Interior Colors

Production Numbers



Total Production


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