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1975 Mercury


Lincoln-Mercury dealers marketed a re-badged variant of the Pinto, as the Mercury Bobcat, beginning with model year 1974 in Canada and 1975 in the United States.
The Bobcat was available as a 2-door hatchback or wagon, but Mercury did not make available an equivalent to the "sedan" Pinto with an enclosed trunk. Mercury wisely installed the Pinto's deluxe interior as standard trim to appeal to upper-market subcompact buyers.
The Mercury Bobcat differed from the Pinto with larger taillights, separate parking lights, a taller Lincoln-esque grille and somewhat fancier interior and exterior trim.

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Performance Specs

Available Engines
140 C In

140 Cu In

2 BB1 Carb

83 hp@ 4800 rpm

110 lb-ft@ 2800 rpm

170 Cu In

170 Cu In

2 bb1 Carn

97 hp@4400 rpm

139 lb-ft@ 3200 rpm

  • 3 Speed Manual
  • SelectShift Automatic
0 to 60 MPH
Quarter Mile

140 cu in 83 hp


19.5 @ 70 mph


1740 cuin 97 hp


19.3 @ 70 mph


Production Numbers


224,026 from 1975 to 1980

Total Production


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