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1971 Plymouth


1971 was the last year for the GTX, it was slightly smaller than the year before. The 71 had new styling features that included rounded fenders and a loop bumper front and rear, new hood cutouts and the side markers were larger. The GTX also received a wider rear track to give the GTX better handeling.

Although Mopar was the slowest of the big three to scale back their engines, the GTX stayed true to what the purpose of the vehicle was made for: to go fast, look good and feel good doing it.

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Performance Specs

Available Engines
440 V8

440 Ci


375 hp @ 4600

480 lb-ft @ 3200

426 HEMI

426 Ci

2x4 bbl

425 hp @ 5000

490 lb-ft @ 4900

440 Six Pack

440 Ci

3x2 bbl

390 hp

490 lb-ft

  • 3-Speed Automatic
  • 4-Speed Manual
0 to 60 MPH
Quarter Mile

440 Ci

6.5 sec

15.2 sec @ 97 mph


426 HEMI

5.0 sec

13.5 sec @ 105 mph


Paint & Color

Exterior Colors

Winchester Gray Metallic

Glacial Blue Metallic

True Blue Metallic

Evening Blue Metallic

In Violet Metallic

Rallye Red

Amber Sherwood Metallic

Sassy Grass Green

Autumn Bronze Metallic

Bahama Yellow

Tunesian Tan Metallic

Tor Red

Sno White

Formal Black

Lemon Twist

Curious Yellow

Gold Leaf Metallic

Tawny Gold Metallic

Interior Colors





Production Numbers

GTX: 2-Dr Hardtop


Total Production


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