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1970 Plymouth


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1970 Plymouth


The 1970 Plymouth GTX offered smoother lines with restyled front fenders and a new bulging scooped hood. Still featuring much of the standard equipment as the Road Runner, the 70' GTX dropped the Convertible model option.

But few cars turn your head as quickly as a ’70 Plymouth B-Body.  The lines are great, the presence is unmistakable, the option combinations can be nothing short of amazing and they just look so damn good.  GTX’s are at the top of Plymouth’s muscle food chain, they were lightweight, sleek and full of raw power just waiting to be unleashed bostering a little swag inside with its luxurious interior.

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Performance Specs

Available Engines
440 V8

440 Ci


375 hp @ 4600

480 lb-ft @ 3200

426 HEMI

426 Ci

2x4 bbl

425 hp @ 5000

490 lb-ft @ 4900

  • 3-Speed Automatic
  • 4-Speed Manual
0 to 60 MPH
Quarter Mile

440 Ci

6.5 sec

15.2 sec @ 97 mph

426 HEMI

5.0 sec

13.5 sec @ 105 mph

Paint & Color

Exterior Colors

Citron Gold Metallic

Citron Mist Metallic

Yellow Gold

Sunfire Yellow

Lemon Twist

Black Velvet


Burnt Tan Metallic

Sahara Tan Metallic

Scorch Red

Frosted Teal Metallic

Sandpebble Beige

Deep Brunt Orange

Burnt Orange Metallic

Vitamin C

Lime Light

Ivy Green Metallic

Lime Green Metallic

Rallye Red

In Violet Metallic

Jamaica Blue Metallic

Blue Fire Mtallic

Ice Blue Metallic

Silver Metallic

Alpine White

Interior Colors





Production Numbers

GTX: 2-Dr Hardtop


Total Production


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