The Lincoln Mark VII is what the 5.0 Mustang wanted to be when it grew up. This 1985 Lincoln Mark VII LSC packs the same torque-happy V8 and offers notable upgrades like 4-wheel disc brakes, a sumptuous leather-lined interior, and every creature comfort available in 1985. It's also a remarkably clean car in outstanding condition.

Ford really was the first to go aero, and the luxury car market would never be the same. The sleek LSC replaced the stodgy, boxy Mark VI with one of the most elegant shapes of the era. Clothing it in bright white paint only emphasizes the car's sleek profile and the condition of the factory paint is truly remarkable. Sure, it has a few very minor chips, but overall the car looks like it has been sequestered for a decade and someone has clearly treated it well. Since it is a Lincoln, after all, there's a smattering of chrome, most notably the big chrome grille that looks surprisingly right on the otherwise rounded, sleek body. Big chrome bumpers and mirrors are another link to Lincoln's past and like the grille, they look great. And, of course, there's the Continental tire hump on the trunk that even the aerodynamicists couldn't bear to sculpt away. To most eyes today, this is still a very good-looking car, even 30 years later.

Deep, comfortable, supportive burgundy leather buckets with power adjustments would be the envy of any Mustang guy and they were standard equipment on the LSC. Creature comforts throughout the car make it a great driver's environment, shockingly sporty for a Lincoln. Power windows and locks, A/C, cruise control, and a trip computer are all part of the package, as is a full complement of instruments that watch the engine's vitals. Lots of buttons and LED displays are part of Ford's high-tech look that was so popular at that time, and both the wheel and shifter are wrapped in leather, although the wheel is showing some effects of time and sunlight. A factory AM/FM/cassette stereo still lives in the dash and sounds decent even by today's standards. The leather seats, carpets, and door panels are in good overall condition, with a back seat that looks virtually unused. That sloping deck lid doesn't do much for cargo capacity, but the trunk is very nicely finished with plush carpet and includes the original space-saver spare tire.

The heart of the Mark VII is the Mustang's 5.0 liter V8 engine. The good news is that this one remains completely stock, and the better news is that all the familiar Mustang bolt-ons work just as well here, so building a big-horsepower LSC is just a few phone calls away. Or leave it stock and simply enjoy the seemingly endless flow of torque and the quick-witted 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission, which was recently rebuilt. The engine bay is beautifully maintained and ultra-clean, and it should look familiar to any Ford fan who has lived through the Fox Mustang revolution, from the big air cleaner on top of the 4-barrel carburetor to the true dual exhaust system. The undercarriage is quite clean and it's nice to see the original H-pipe with cats still behind the engine. Disc brakes at all four corners were on every Fox Mustang owner's wish list, and the suspension manages to be both supple and agile, making this a fantastic high-speed cruiser. Late-model Mustang wheels and 245/45/17 Hankook radials add to the performance look that seems right on the vintage Lincoln.

There are guys who will get this car and fall in love, while the rest of you will just shake your heads. But if you've grown up but haven't forgotten the thrill of your first Mustang, this Lincoln is for you. Call today!


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