Chevy's entry into the early SUV wars was bigger, stronger, and carried more horsepower than its competition. By the time this 1971 Blazer was built, it was clear that Chevy's vision was the right one, and now that it's forty-five years later, they're justifiably highly-sought vehicles.

Finished in bright Hugger Orange, which was still on the Chevy Trucks color palette in 1971, this awesome K5 Blazer has the right look. Considerable time and money were invested in the bodywork, which looks like it has lived a vast majority of its life on the pavement and under cover, because few vintage off-roaders are this straight. The Chevy's squared-off bodywork, borrowed from the pickup truck line, looks just as good without a roof and offers a simplicity that only enhances its brawny good looks. The paint is modern urethane, so it has a wonderful shine that's deeper and more durable than the original enamel and with super straight bodywork underneath, the finish looks fantastic. The grille and bumpers are in good condition and they have skipped the usual off-roading add-ons like lights and hooks and steps, giving this Blazer an unusually clean look. There's even a trailer hitch out back for doing some hauling if that's your thing (imagine this rig hauling your camping trailer!).

Bucket seats emphasize the Blazer's sporty personality, and it looks as thought those are the original seat covers featuring GM's patterned vinyl that was surely designed to evoke the old west and “real hand-tooled saddle leather.” Today it adds interest to the no-nonsense interior, which is also dressed up with matching door panels, a dash pad that hasn't been baked by the sun, heavy duty rubber mats, and some of the best-looking gauges ever installed in a truck. The original radio is still in the center of the dash and this truck carries rare factory A/C, a really nice find! The rear seat is covered in the same cool patterned vinyl and has room for three passengers, making it considerably more spacious than its nearest competitor, the Ford Bronco. The rear cargo area is also quite sizable, where it carries a full-sized spare and still has room for all your gear. Overhead there's a removable black convertible top that seals up well enough to keep you dry but is easy to remove for open air motoring.

A 350 cubic inch V8 fits easily in the truck-sized engine bay, offering impressive service access and a lot of new equipment. Chrome valve covers and a matching Edelbrock air cleaner are obviously not OEM, but they add some sparkle to the satin black engine bay. Given the condition of the inner fenders and firewall, this truck has definitely not seen a lot of off-road time, but with all that new hardware, you shouldn't be afraid to go off the beaten track. Stock exhaust manifolds feed a dual exhaust system that sounds more Camaro than Blazer, but you'll certainly appreciate it when you're out having fun. The underside is in good condition with signs of a life lived someplace warm, while a 3-speed automatic transmission, 2-speed transfer case, and heavy-duty axles mean it's ready to have fun. You'll also find disc brakes, recent shocks, and factory Rally wheels with big 35x12.5-15 BFGoodrich off-road radials that totally stuff the wheel wells.

You won't find many vintage Blazers nicer than this. With all the right hardware, a great color combination, and limited off-roading in its history, you can buy with confidence. Call today!


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350 V8
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Hugger Orange
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