The coolest Shelby Mustang was born when the producers of Gone in 60 Seconds (2000) needed a custom classic car to outshine the modern exotics. But those are the movies...In reality, this 1967 Ford Mustang GT Eleanor is sooooo much cooler. Beautifully built inside and out, you might not notice all the modern upgraded components, because you'll be too busy enjoying the performance-built 407 V8 with nitrous.

This car has all the great lines of the original Mustang, but there is no mistaking it for any secretary's car. The customization is apparent from every angle. It starts up front with the dual billet grilles that make way for a new front bumper and PIAA racing lights. And speaking of lights, this also gets a custom set of fog lights and PIAA driving lamps mounted in specially built front panel. The hood pins look like they were necessary to tame this beastly bulging hood (and we'll tell you exactly why they're needed a little later.) The laser straight bodylines are so well presented that it's hard to tell where the Ford sheetmetal ends and the Eleanor bodykit begins – and we know you love the way the side exhaust is integrated into this design. Out back those sequential LED taillights are an instant showpiece. The flat rear panel and bumper have been de-chromed in true racer fashion. But even without this brightwork, Eleanor shines in many other ways. The superb Sterling Gray Metallic paint with dual black racing stripes has enough gloss to be a mirror. Plus, the shine from the Halibrand-style wheels has plenty of chrome to grab everyone's attention.

Take one look at the interior, and you know Eleanor is a serious gal. In-between the two rows of new black seats is a custom fitted chrome roll bar. The moment you sit behind the wheel, you can feel that your bucket has enough bolstering to hug your body in the turns. Your left hand will love the wood-rimmed Cobra steering wheel, and behind it is a full set of AutoMeter Phantom gauges. And we know you've noticed the gearstick by now. A proper Gone In 60 Seconds Eleanor has a nitrous shot, and there's no better delivery method than the GO-BABY-GO button right in the center of where your right hand always wants to be. And while Eleanor might be a mean machine, she also knows how to pamper. This is a power steering car with air conditioning. There's also a Kenwood AM/FM/CD/DVD stereo system. This is connected to upgraded speakers throughout the car, so you can crank up the tunes at any speed. But really we know your favorite soundtrack will always be exhaust booming from the beastly motor.

Under the hood it looks like there is not a single inch left to add more power. This Mustang has a big 390 cubic-inch V8 that was bored to 407ci total, and the upgrades don't stop there. This was rebuilt and reconditioned by Barnet Performance to be a fully balanced motor. It was also given plenty of go-fast goodies such as dual Holley 450 CFM four-barrel carburetors, Edelbrock dual carb nitro spacer kit, Eagle rods & pistons, stainless steel rocker kit, 428 crank, and so much more. We don't have all the room to list all upgrades that fortify this performance V8, but we'll be happy to go over every detail when you call. All you really need to do is hear the ferocious growl this GT gives at startup, and you'll be instantly hooked. And you'll love that you have complete control over this big power V8 and its thunderous soundtrack thanks to the TKO five-speed manual transmission that has been given all the right investments in upgrades to handle all of Eleanor's enhanced performance. And because power is nothing without control, this has been upgraded with a race-ready suspension that includes a Ford 9-inch limited slip rear end, subframe connectors, sway bars front & rear, four-wheel disc brakes, and the modern grip of Goodyear Eagle GT tires.

You can tell from the pictures that there are a ton more upgrades that we just don't have the space to list. We don't even have the room to detail how cool that this car was originally sold less than two hours from our showroom. But give us a call so we can go over the build receipts, restoration photos, and Marti report that highlight the details of one of the baddest Mustangs you'll ever meet. But remember this kind of custom built is quite unique... and when it's gone, good luck finding another so compete. So don't miss out, call today!


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407 V8
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Sterling Gray Metallic
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Basecoat/Clearcoat Urethane




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