If you grew up in the '70s, you definitely remember cars like this 1970 Chevrolet Caprice hardtop, but did you ever expect to see one this well-preserved more than four decades later? Well, get ready to be impressed, because this nice-looking coupe carries V8 power, lots of power options, and a cool look that's going to stand out in a crowd.

There might be an argument to be made that this is mostly original paint on this car, because it has that soft shine that only vintage factory enamel can generate. On the other hand, a few touch-ups here and there suggest that it's been painted, and to be honest, we like the fact that it just seems to all be about the same age and condition. Nothing stands out as too old or too new. And while the Sand Dune color isn't terribly exciting, you'll be amazed by the attention an unusual car like this can generate. Everyone will have a story to tell about one they knew and they'll want to know where you found this one. The truth is, they're not easy to find and even fewer will be this amazingly well preserved. Heck, even the white vinyl top is in outstanding condition with no discoloration, no popped seams, and no signs of bubbling underneath. And who could remember that chrome was this nice in 1970? No pitting, not many dings, and a nice shine that makes this car look great from any angle.

If you're a fan of the early '70s, then you know the interiors are always a special treat with wild brocade fabrics and plenty of luxury features. Today it looks great and has aged well, and given the condition of this one, it's a fine tribute to the period. The front bench is in excellent condition with only light discoloration on the outer seat back, right where traffic is heaviest. The AM/FM radio should probably be upgraded, because this is a car that's built for long road trips and with ice cold A/C and that incomparable ride, you'll definitely be spending quite a bit of time behind the wheel. The dash pad, carpets, door panels, and headliner are in good shape with no UV damage or cracking, and even the burled walnut appliques are still firmly affixed to their various parts. I don't know where this car lived its life, but it was dark, dry, and had full-time help to keep things in shape. The trunk is downright massive and carries what might be the original spare tire, plus a new wheel and tire assembly just in case.

A great-running 350 cubic inch V8 provides plenty of power for moving the car and all those power accessories, so everything feels downright effortless. With a 4-barrel carburetor, it starts quickly and idles smoothly because this isn't a muscle car, but it moves like it weighs 1000 pounds less than it does. The engine bay is tidy but original, and some heavy cleaning would pay big dividends here. A smooth-shifting TH350 3-speed automatic transmission helps make it feel light on its feet, and aside from the usual belts, hoses, plugs, and other tune-up items, this one is pretty much as the factory built it. Even the undercarriage is impressively clean, and it's got a fresh dual exhaust system with just the right sound. Recent 225/75/15 whitewall radials on the original Rally wheels mean it's ready to go.

Just imagine the crowd that'll form when you show up at the next cruise night in this big land yacht. Heavily documented with a window sticker, build sheet, and dealer invoice, it's a rare find that offers a lot of car for the money. Call now!


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Sand Dune
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