1998 Dodge

Viper GT3

6 Speed Manual
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Own A Piece of History From Father Viper

Just Toys Classic Cars is overjoyed to present a very rare piece of Viper history. This here is what was the prototype 1998 Dodge Viper GT-3 Race Car. For die hard Viper fans they will already know this, but for everyone that doesn't listen up. Roy Sjoberg was the individual the Carroll Shelby tapped to design and build the very first viper in 1989. Roy was the racers racer. He had this stuff in his blood all the way back to the 50's when he pit crewed his brothers 356 Porsche at all of the major road courses across the country. He was definitely the right man for the job. As we all know, the Viper legend still lives on to this day.

This piece that you are looking at here was built by Autoform Development for Vision Racing. This was a partnership between Steve Dreyer, owner of Autoform and Roy Sjoberg again, Viper program Chief Engineer of Chrysler Corportation. This car that you see here was prepped and tested in the Viper Days Racing Series as a proof of concept for an expected partnership with Chrysler Corporation. The tests were very successful, but executives at Dodge decided to take the program in house and soon there after released the 2003 Dodge Viper Competition Coupe. So what you have here is the car that started it all.

This prototype disappeared off the market from 2002 to 2014 when it was sold to a private collector and stored in a climate controlled garage and unused. In 2015 the car was completely checked out, fitted with new Hoosier rubber and tested at Homestead Miami Speedway and everything checked out with flying colors.

Under the lift off hood of this track beast sits the blueprinted V10 Viper engine producing 525 HP and built to Endurance Specs. The driveline has been upgraded to GTSR specs in the motor, transmission, and differential with external coolers.

The entire body is comprised of ultra lightweight ALMS parts. We have a binder full of all the part numbers on this car so you can replace pieces down the road if you race it. The cage is SCCA and Grand Am legal with engine compartment bracing and triple driver side door bars. This car has a heavy duty clutch, Brembo brakes, 3 piece alloy wheels, triple adjustable shocks, and tons of light weight parts.

If you are looking to get in to road course racing on a "budget" then this is the perfect vehicle for you. This would cost you $150,000 over and above the cost of a Viper to build this car and this one is done and ready to go. As we said, we have a binder with all of the part numbers computer models, concept sketches from Father Viper and a complete history of the car.

This is truly a 1 of 1 vehicle the whether you a Viper collector, racer, or just a car nut, needs to be in your collection today. There is so much on and invested in this car that you could not build it for anything close to what we are asking. We are covering this car with a lot of broad strokes. Please contact us for more information regarding this vehicle. We look forward to speaking with you soon, and we look forward to making you the newest member of the Just Toys Classic Cars family.


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