63 Volvo Amazon Under Wraps
63 Volvo Amazon Under Wraps

The anticipation has been growing for months around Flat 12 Gallerys recent SEMA Charity Build. Dubbed the “V06”, Jeff Allen and his team have been working diliganlty to merge a 1963 Volvo 122S Amazon with a 2013 Grand Sport Corvette from Copart to create a one-of-a-kind custom car.

F12Gquick 102
Flat 12 “V06” test drive shot – a.k.a. Jeff doing donuts

Before the official unveiling at SEMA (Tuesday October 30th), My Classic Garage was able to get a sneak peak at this monster. While we can’t wait to see more at the unveiling, the image below certainly gets our hearts thumping and wanting more.

Jeff Allen’s Flat 12 Gallery – Sneak Peak at the highly anticipated “V06”

Jeff Allen is also the celebrity judge for the My Classic Garage Digital Concours. Enthusiasts can enter their collector car into this digital concours with a chance to win $1,000. Click HERE to learn more.

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