Vintage Car Scam in Ireland 1
Vintage Car Scam in Ireland 1

Classic Car scams are nothing new. We’ve all heard the horror stories of deposits given, the keys handed over, the remaining funds never come, and the car disappears (One of the major reasons why every single vehicle on My Classic Garage is vetted and real).

Europe, the second largest collector car market in the world, has the same issues apparently. And while this story should be used as a cautionary tale, it also has a happy ending.

Vintage Car Scam in Ireland 2
Vintage Car Scam in Ireland 2

Irish gang members had been taking advantage of elderly car owners. Negotiating deals for their classics, making small deposits, and then making off with vehicle never to be heard from again. That is until a law enforcement probe resulted in 4 arrests and 20 classic cars recovered.

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