Trump Charlotte Concours
Trump Charlotte Concours

Mooresville, Race City USA, played host to and supplied a theme for a young concours held at Trump National Charlotte Golf Club.  In the days leading up to the event judges who came from as far away as Belgium, England, the Netherlands, India and Canada were treated to private tours of the NASCAR Hall of Fame and the Rick Hendrick complex, home to its namesake’s dioramas and private collection of over 200 cars and to the shops which prepare the cars for seven time “Cup” Champ Jimmie Johnson, Chase Elliott, William Byron and Alex Bowman.  Others including chief judges from dozens of concours events, the heads of North America’s two largest collector car organizations, a few racers, and three TV journalists famed for their work in Formula One and NASCAR would join the jury.  Car owners who arrived early were allowed access to the innards of Penske Racing.

Trump Charlotte Concours 2
Ralph Marano’s “Packard Speedster” in midst of hauler lineup

Show day was a challenge.  Drenching rains precluded use of a well prepared, lakefront 18th fairway and had sent staff looking for terra firma for the show as well as a fleet of haulers.  The latter group would line the middle of a three-lane approach to the country club and had the unintended benefit of heightening anticipation for those coming to the event.

Trump Charlotte Concours 3
Honored Collector Bob Jepson being feted by Chief Judge Mark Moskowitz MD

High and dry ground would be found as a sunny fall day dawned.   Honored collector Bob Jepson’s cars would line the brick and cobblestone streets approaching the club “village”. Two classes of vintage Italian sports cars would encircle a practice putting green and others were placed on elevated driving range.  Vintage NASCAR road racers lined its front with another border dominated by a display only class of “gassers”, vintage stock bodied dragsters, curated by show emcee Ralph Sheheen.


An array of multicolored Shelbys, post war open convertibles, classics, modern supercars and muscle cars filled out the heavily curated field.  Despite the race emphasis, classics and Italian builds took home the major awards.

Trump Charlotte Concours 4
Peter Boyle’s Best of Show Isotta Fraschini

Only class winners could be considered for Best in Show and  Peter Boyle’s LeBaron built 1928 Isotta Fraschini 8ASS Boat Tail was voted the best of these.  It was a star at the 1928 New York Auto Show and was once the property of Marguerite Clark whose image inspired Walt Disney’s Snow White.

Trump Charlotte Concours 5
Chief Class Judge Tim McNair points the way to Al and Barb Mason

Al and Barb Mason’s 1928 Auburn Speedster was runner up to the Best in Show and received the trophy for Outstanding Pre-War Car.  Their Auburn is a multi-award winner and is identical to the Speedster once driven on the beach at Daytona to a production car record of 104.347 mph.


Trump Charlotte Concours 6

Trump Charlotte Concours 7
The Elegante

Dick Birdsall’s father commissioned the Cadillac Elegante employing the chassis of 1953 Series 62 which had been damaged in a dealership fire.  Albrecht von Goertz, famed for the iconic lines of the BMW 507, provided design input.  The Elegante, which might be the first retractable hardtop convertible, took home the prize for Outstanding Post-War Car.

Trump Charlotte Concours 9
The Bruno’s Alfa Romeo 1900 CSS

Kim and Stephen Bruno had a brace of vintage Ferraris on the field but it was their 1955 Alfa Romeo 1900 CSS with a Ghia-Aigle body that stole the attention and the prize for Outstanding Sports Car.

The biggest winner was St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  A charity dinner, a Datsun 240Z donated by selection committee member Mike Rogers, and contributions by the organizers, entrants, judges and attendees raised $155,000 for the club’s favored charity.

Disclosure: The author of this article served as chief judge for this event.

Trump Charlotte Concours 10
Honored Collector Bob Jepson’s Figoni designed 1938 Delahaye 135 MS was featured at the 1938 Paris Salon; three months later it was hidden from occupying military forces only to emerge in 1964
Trump Charlotte Concours 11
Honored Collector Bob Jepson’s 1919 Pierce Arrow Model 66-A stands seven feet tall and sports a body designed by Harley Earl (Jerry Clemmons Photo)
Trump Charlotte Concours 12
Best in Class Shelby: Hunt and Pat Palmer Ball’s 1967 GT350
Trump Charlotte Concours 13
Best in Class American Sports Car: Tom DeBold’s 1960 Corvette “Fuelie”
Trump Charlotte Concours 14
Best in Class Racing American Style: Bill Rhine’s 1984 Dale Earnhardt Monte Carlo Stock Car
Trump Charlotte Concours 15
Best in Class Post-War European Convertible: Michael Harling’s 1958 AC Ace
Trump Charlotte Concours 16
Best in Class Vintage Italian Sports Cars 60’s and 70’s: Dr. Richard Workman’s 1966 Ferrari GTB/C
Trump Charlotte Concours 17
Best in Class Road Racers of Note: Dale Critz’s  1911 E-M-F Model 30 racer
Trump Charlotte Concours 18
Best in Class Modern Supercar: Keith Martin’s 2010 Porsche 911 GT3
Trump Charlotte Concours 19
Best in Class Muscle Car: Dan Timmerman’s 1965 Pontiac GTO
Trump Charlotte Concours 20
Best in Class Pre-War American Classics 1931-1942: Jim Elliot’s 1931 Cadillac 370 Convertible Coupe by Fleetwood

Special Awards

Trump Page Two 1


Trump Page Two 2

Trump Page Two 3
Donna Robbins, President of Streetside Classics, congratulates Richard Fleenor whose 1969 Dodge Daytona (above) merited the Streetside Classics Star Car Award
Trump Page Two 4
Rusty Wallace’s First NASCAR race car propelled him to second place in the Atlanta 500; owner and former Penske Racing President, Don Miller, won the Judges’ Committee Racer Award
Trump Page Two 5
Daniel Hanlon’s 1942 180 Convertible by Darrin was acknowledged as the Outstanding Pre-War Packard
Trump Page Two 6
Ralph Marano’s 1952 Pan American – Outstanding Post-War Packard

Trump Page Two 7

Trump Page Two 8
Livingston Financial Chairman’s Award presented by Brooke Graham to the 1959 Osca Coupe of Peter Boyle
Trump Page Two 9
Icon Award Winner: Dr. Richard Workman’s 1961 Ferrari 400 Superamerica Aerodynamica Coupe
Trump Page Two 10
David and Andrea Robertson’s Ford GT earned them a position on the podium at Le Mans and the Chief Judge’s Award
Trump Page Two 11
John Woodruff’s 1967 GT 350 is well travelled; John is more famed for introducing fig newtons to the Cobra enclave, an act which precipitated the famed Alaskan bear claw incident; John was acknowledged as having The Spirit of the Concours
Trump Page Two 12
Steve Plaster’s 1913 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost was the recipient of the Hagerty Youth Judging Award
Trump Page Two 13
Mitch McCullough’s Lotus 23B, a Macau Grand Prix Veteran won a Design & Engineering Award

Not Pictured
Timeless Classic: Dr. Francis Spinale, 1929 Lincoln Locke Seven Passenger Sport Touring
Spirit of Preservation: Todd & Holly-Faye Jenkins 1957 Mercedes 300 SL
Design and Engineering Award: Dr. Randall Williams 2011 Audi R8 Spyder

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Trump Page Three 12

Trump Page Three 13

Trump Page Three 14

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Trump Page Three 16

Trump Page Three 17

Trump Page Three 18

Trump Page Three 19

Trump Page Three 20

Trump Page Three 21Unless otherwise specified, all photos were by Rachel Schuler

Final Work Book


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About Mark Moskowitz MD 

Mark Moskowitz MD is a retired surgeon, racer, and car collector. He is director and curator of The Museum of Automobile History (pvt), manages the estate of renowned automotive artist, Carlo Demand, serves on the Board of Directors of Carolina Motorsports Park and is Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Motorsports Hall of Fame of America. He is a frequent contributor to multiple motoring publications. Dr. Moskowitz is a member of International Chief Judge Advisory Group and has been privileged to judge concours events at Boca Raton, La Jolla, Santa Fe, Arizona, Greenwich, Hershey (the Elegance), Radnor Hunt, Cobble Beach, Hilton Head, Dusseldorf, Knokke-Heist, Monticello Raceway and Delhi, India.

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